Phase II: Core Programming

Despite my homing missiles needing a lot of work, I’ve decided to move on to Phase II: Core Programming, which is the last part of 2D Game Development course. The requirements of this last phase are to complete 10 of the following tasks:

As you can see here, my homing missile, when functional, will count as one out the the ten tasks. Also, I’ve already created balanced spawning in Phase I so that is done.

Next, I plan on implementing the “Player Ammo” which incorporates a visualization for max ammo next to the current ammo count. After messing around with this alllllllll morning, I ended up having to rewatch the tutorial in which we added the score to the game by adding the canvas. (2D Game Development >> User Interface (UI) >> Challenge Review Score Implementation Reboot.) I pretty much had it all figured out except I was missing the part where I had needed to add a serialized field to the UI script in which I could drag and drop the Max_Ammo_Text object. Oh well… perhaps I won’t forget next time!

Damage Powerup for Negative Powerup requirement

Next I decided to tackle the “Negative Pickup”. I found a pixilated skull png file and converted it to a sprite for a “damage powerup”. Upon collection, the player incurs one unit of damage. I made an executive decision to add the damage powerup to my RARE powerup script so that it spawns rarely.

Phase II Complete:

  • homing missile (half complete)
  • Player Ammo
  • Negative Pickup

Take a look at what I have so far:

Damage powerup inflicts 1 unit damage when collected.